My Clients

My clients are family business owners, family business successors and families-in-business who are faced with the following challenges and opportunities:
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Family Enterprise Owners and Principals considering or developing:

  • Enterprise strategy and strategic growth options.
  • Ownership Goals, Policies and Values
  • Readiness and priorities for successful succession.
  • Stakeholder communication of Ownership goals and policies.
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Families-in-business considering or developing

  • Engagement with the family to agree Ownership Goals, Policies and Values.
  • Suitable Governance structures to enable the family to work together.
  • Consideration and agreement of a Family Constitution or Protocol.
  • Methods to engage and prepare the next generation of Successors.
  • Best-practice governance of Family Talent development.


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Family Business Successors who wish to explore or develop:

  • The responsibilities and possibilities of Ownership
  • Career aim, goals and plans.
  • A management career in the family company.
  • Opportunities for Family leadership.
  • Entry/re-entry to the family company mid-career, or following 4th level (Masters) education.
  • Opportunities as a commercial or social entrepreneur.
  • Transition from one career to another.



“I work closely with successors, business owners or families-in-business to encourage, develop and support family leaders and engaged owners.