The Successor’s Voice

Alongside asset growth and family unity, the cultivation of family talent is a key pre-requisite for continuity of family ownership. A well-managed, well-structured process for the development of individual and groups of successors, will result in a better outcome for individual successors and for the family as owners. I aim to develop leadership capability within business owning families, towards ‘A Family of Leaders’.

For individual successors, the time and resource to examine the opportunities which come with ownership, that are not only available but of which you are suitably informed. To develop the confidence, ability and permission to pro-actively discover what you want for yourself, mindful of the family-in-business of which you are a part. Finally to identify and pursue a role, specialism or occupation for which you have an aptitude, either within, alongside or outside of the family business. This will form the base of your professional identity. This is the essence of the Successor’s Voice.

Three Key Areas for Successor Leadership Development

1. Family Business Ownership.

  • The Emerging Context for Successors: key elements in the areas of Family, Business and Ownership which shape the effectiveness of successor cultivation and leadership development.

  • Family Business Succession: stage and characteristics of both Management and Ownership Succession.

  • Family Talent Cultivation: the fostering of family values, understanding of the family company and the leadership possibilities of ownership both individually and for successors as a collective.

2. Successor Leadership Development

  • Leadership Development: resources, paths and opportunities for effective management and leadership succession.

  • Successor Leadership Role Profiles: possible leadership roles available to successors within the domaines of family, business and ownership.

  • Successor Leadership Transitions: effective change in roles between successors and over the life-cycle of individuals.

3. The Successor’s Voice

  • Successor Needs over Time: development and support of individual successors in varying roles and at all life-stages.

  • Successor Impact of Ownership (Life-long, Unique, Complex, Important):key factors for successor awareness, as they collectively or individually manage their relationship with the family business and design their own contribution to it.

  • Successor Self-leadership: evolution, self-definition and attainment of individual purpose and the meshing of same with those of the family and family company.

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